Giants pick Nat Berhe in 5th

The pick: Nat Berhe, safety, San Diego State

My take: Another senior. Another team captain. Another strong statistical performer, with 94 tackles as a junior and 99 as a senior. This is the fifth round, so it's rare to find a starter here, and the Giants' recent draft history hasn't exactly turned up many gems in this range. But if what you're looking for here is roster depth that helps bolster your special teams while you work to develop a guy into something more, you could do worse than a guy like this one. He also happens to play a position at which 2013 fifth-rounder Cooper Taylor (who was also the No. 152 overall pick) is the only player under contract with the Giants beyond 2014.

Impress your friends: His full name is Natneal Berhe, and his last name is pronounced "burr-HEY." I don't have a lot else to tell you. Todd McShay had a late sixth-round grade on him prior to the draft.

What's next: The Giants have another pick coming up in the fifth round -- No. 174 overall, a compensatory selection three picks from the round's end -- and then the 11th pick of the sixth round (No. 187 overall). They have no seventh-round pick unless they trade that No. 187 back and pick one up.