Big Blue Morning: Running back fantasy

So I'm up here in Bristol for a few TV days, and my "NFL Insiders" colleague Field Yates was telling me stories about the fantasy football rankings summit he attended earlier in the week. Field said our fantasy crew had a spirited discussion about New York Giants running backs and where to rank them for fantasy purposes going into the 2014 season.

This is where they landed:

25. Rashad Jennings

39. David Wilson

And rookie Andre Williams not among the top 47, though Field says he was discussed.

The issue is that the Giants' offense is a huge question mark right now. Wilson, coming off neck surgery, might not be able to play at all, which would obviously eliminate him from the ranking and likely boost Jennings just based on projected opportunity. But if Wilson is healthy and looks good in camp, the Giants will have to figure out ways to get both of them carries, which would be a great problem for the Giants but would only muddy the picture for fantasy purposes.

Add in the chance of Williams or Peyton Hillis filling a short-yardage or goal-line role and maybe taking touchdowns away from whoever the lead back is, and you have a mess.

This is why I always stay away from Giants running backs in fantasy. There's just no way to predict from week to week what you can count on. I think right now, the Giants are expecting Jennings to get the bulk of the carries. But that depends on his ability to pass protect, first of all. And if Wilson is cleared for contact and looks explosive in camp, the plan will have to change around that. At No. 25, Jennings is not ranked as a starting running back in 12-team leagues. I think that's a wise way to look at it -- at least until the summer offers us a bit more clarity.