Big Blue Morning: All about the rookies

We knew that, due to the late draft this year, the New York Giants weren't holding their usual rookie minicamp. What I didn't know was that, as Jordan Raanan writes, the Giants are one of only two teams in the league not having a rookie minicamp. (The Bengals are the other.)

Tom Coughlin's decision not to have a separate camp for the rookies makes sense to me, especially considering the addition of new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and the 16 outside free agents the Giants have signed. So much and so many people around the Giants are new that, as Coughlin points out, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to stop the veterans' learning process in order to spend a few days with only the rookies. So what the Giants are doing is throwing the rookies in with everyone else and having them all learn together.

Sure, the rookies are three or four weeks behind the veterans. But the Giants are in the middle of an offseason of tremendous change, and they can't afford to lose time preparing anyone. I guess we'll see down the road whether their way or 30 other teams' way was the right way to go. But considering how late the draft was, and considering that the Giants are going to start their training camp earlier than 30 other teams in July due to the fact that they're playing in the Hall of Fame Game, I agree with Coughlin that there wasn't room on the calendar for a rookie-specific minicamp this year.

Speaking of rookies, Giants.com has a look at the draft picks' jersey numbers. So in case you want to run out and grab your No. 13 Odell Beckham jersey or your No. 60 Weston Richburg jersey, you can see what they look like.

There hasn't yet been news of any of the Giants' draft picks signing their contracts yet, and some draft picks around the league have already signed. But the fuss over those stories is completely ridiculous. Rookie contracts are all slotted at predetermined numbers. This year's rookie signing bonuses were kept flat at last year's numbers and it's not as though these guys have the option to go and sign with other teams. We'll note it when the Giants' draft picks officially sign, but any time you spend worrying about when that will happen is time wasted.