Big Blue Morning: Weatherford at prom

By now you've probably heard about New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford taking Bayonne's Lauren Delbert to her prom last week. It has not exactly been a well-guarded secret. You can read about it here in The Star-Ledger, or listen about it here on ESPN Radio.

Things got even more impressive a night later when Weatherford crashed another New Jersey prom as part of his efforts to help local victims of Hurricane Sandy afford to attend their proms.

We talk about this from time to time, and Weatherford isn't the only player about whom we could say something like this, but it's nice when pro athletes recognize the impact they can have on the lives of their fans. Weatherford is clearly a guy who appreciates the position to which his fame and achievements have brought him and is determined to maximize it. He does TV, he appears on the cover of fitness magazines, he shows up at prom and elevates a memorable night for high school kids into something even cooler.

It's one thing to enjoy your fame. It's another, extra, important thing to recognize the ability it provides you to put smiles on the faces of other people. Good for Weatherford for finding and taking those opportunities.