Big Blue Morning: A kicker competition?

For about an hour and a half Thursday afternoon, the New York Giants made all of their coordinators and assistant coaches available to speak to the media. It was a high-concentration information-gathering exercise during which we learned a lot. For example, someone asked special teams coordinator Tom Quinn how kicker Josh Brown has looked so far, and Quinn responded by saying that Brown and fellow kicker Brandon McManus, a rookie out of Temple, have looked very good. Quinn said he sees a training camp competition for the job between Brown and McManus.

"I see everything as a competition," Quinn said. "I really like McManus. I liked him coming out. I thought he was a really good kicker coming out of Temple. He's kicked in the Northeast at a high level, and I think he's got a lot of upside."

Brown kicked just fine for the Giants last year, but there's never any harm in finding out if you can upgrade at a spot like that. Quinn said both guys have been practicing the extra points from the 15-yard line, which the NFL will use on an experimental basis this preseason (the Giants and Bills in their first three preseason games because they have the extra one, everyone else in their first two), and that they've "handled that very well." Sounds as though kicker could be something to watch once camp starts next month.

Anyway, just an example, as I said. Over the coming days and weeks, we will roll out more information gleaned from Thursday's coaches sessions. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the information pipeline isn't drying up just because the Giants are off for the next month.