Jon Beason hopes to play in the preseason

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Jon Beason can't practice with his New York Giants teammates right now because he is still working his way back from the broken foot he suffered in organized team activities. The middle linebacker, whose re-signing was such a high offseason priority, said Friday that he has been running on an underwater treadmill and trying to work out the parts of his body he can while letting the foot heal.

At the time of the injury, doctors gave Beason a recovery timetable that could have him back for the Sept. 8 opener in Detroit but doesn't guarantee that. Friday, Beason was asked how difficult it would be to play in the regular season without first playing in any preseason games.

"Unfortunately, I've done it before," said Beason, who has struggled with injuries throughout his career. "And I hate it, because you want to be in there getting those live reps with the guys. Preseason games, you don't put much stock in them, but you need them to get ready. The one thing you can't simulate, even out here in practice, is tackling -- live tackling to the ground."

For that reason, Beason hopes his foot will progress to the point of allowing him to play in at least one of the Giants' five preseason games.

"I would hope so," Beason said. "We want to be smart about it, and obviously I'm going to do what they tell me. But I hope to get in a game in the preseason and get some reps. I like to think I'm a little bit superhuman and I heal a little faster, but they gave me a timetable and I've got to stick with that."

In the meantime, veteran Jameel McClain has taken over for Beason in the middle and rookie Devon Kennard has moved into McClain's spot at strongside linebacker.