Kellen Davis, from Super inactive to starter?

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Is it possible to win a Super Bowl ring and still be disappointed?

Yes -- just ask New York Giants tight end Kellen Davis.

Davis was a member of the Seahawks last season, playing in all 15 regular-season games after he signed with Seattle in mid-September, plus both playoff victories. But he was a surprise member of the team's inactive list for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Worse yet, Davis had no idea he wasn't going to be active -- he found out the day of the game. "Yeah, it was a shock," Davis said Thursday. "But you know, I helped them get there, and I’m still a part of the team, and it was just as much mine as anybody else’s."

The Giants signed Davis to a one-year contract back in April, and he is now one of the five tight ends competing for the starting position during training camp.

"I thought it was just a good opportunity," Davis said, "to come here on a good team, and play with a good quarterback, and just have an opportunity to go for the starting job."

The seven-year veteran has played in the most games (95), and has the most starts (39), of any of the five tight ends on the team

He's also the biggest target -- in fact, he's the tallest player on the entire roster at 6-foot-7 (and 265 pounds).

But Davis is regarded primarily as a blocker. Last season he caught just three passes for 32 yards (including a one-yard touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals).

The 28-year-old thinks he is capable of doing much more.

"I think that I have great skill in the pass game, and I’m also good in the blocking game," Davis said. "I consider myself to be an all-around tight end."

He's done a little more in the past. A fifth-round draft pick by the Bears out of Michigan State in 2008, Davis started 31 of 32 regular-season games for Chicago in 2011 and 2012. In 2011 he had 18 catches for 206 yards and five touchdowns; in 2012 he had 19 catches for 229 yards and two scores.

In five seasons with the Bears and one with the Seahawks, Davis has just 50 receptions, but has wound up in the end zone a dozen times -- not bad at all.

As for 2014, the reps have been distributed pretty evenly thus far in Giants' camp. Davis couldn't ask for a better opportunity to prove he can be a complete tight end.

"Yeah, I think so," Davis said, when asked if he believes he can win the starting job. "I don’t really know where the coaches are at, but I’m out there doing my best."

He didn't get to play in Super Bowl XLVIII, but Davis will definitely play in the Giants' preseason games, starting Sunday night in Canton, Ohio. In terms of his career, these games may mean more than the big one, anyway.