Giants say Indy won't stir Super memories

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- There are only 11 players on the New York Giants' current roster who played for them in Super Bowl XLVI, which is a bit startling considering the game was only 30 months ago. That game was played in Indianapolis, which is the site of the Giants' preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, so you'd think maybe going back there would stir some memories for the guys who were there that night.

They insist otherwise.

"Yeah, we've got a banner to show for it," said wide receiver Mario Manningham, whose iconic fourth-quarter catch of Eli Manning's long sideline pass was one of the keys to the victory that night. "But the last two seasons, we really haven't been up to our full potential. I don't really believe in thinking about the old stuff. Let's get some new memories, man. Let's keep gaining from there."

Manningham spent the two intervening seasons with the San Fransciso 49ers and is in a fight for a roster spot this summer. So things haven't gone-super great for him since the night he made that catch. Yet, he insists he doesn't like to talk about the play.

"I'll talk about it," Giants safety Antrel Rolle said. "I think that catch is the reason why we have the ring, hands down. The exceptional throw from Eli and him just making the catch. The safety couldn't haven been in a better situation. I still don't know how he caught that ball with Patrick Chung flying down the way he did and then taking the hit and keeping his feet in bounds. It was the play of a lifetime."

No question about it. But Rolle also said he understands and kind of agrees with Manningham's desire not to dwell on old memories, however great they may be.

"You don't stay on it too long, because we want more plays like that to come around," Rolle said. "Although you give him a pat on the butt and tell him, 'Good job' and let him know how much we appreciate him for that catch, we're looking for more of those catches. We're never satisfied with one, two or three. We want five, six or seven. That's our mentality."

Maybe being back in Indianapolis will inspire something in the few who remain from that night, and maybe they can carry it over into the season.