Beason still hopes to play in preseason

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- He's a realist, so he knows he's not likely to get his wish. But New York Giants linebacker Jon Beason, who broke his foot in early June and has yet to practice with the team since, is still hoping he might get a chance to play in a preseason game before the regular season starts.

The Giants have two more preseason games -- Friday against the Jets and next Thursday against the Patriots -- before opening the regular season Sept. 8 in Detroit. Beason said he planned to be more aggressive with his running on the side Monday, trying some things that were more reaction-based than anticipation-based, and he believes he's making encouraging progress toward a return.

"Thinking back to where we were going into it, just to have the opportunity to play in the last couple of preseason games was the goal," Beason said Monday. "They may not let me, but to have the opportunity, or to be out there working on the practice field, that's a good sign for Week 1."

Beason has said since the injury happened that he believed he could return for the regular-season opener, and that still hasn't been ruled out. Jameel McClain has been handling middle linebacker responsibilities in Beason's place, but Beason has been on the field as an observer and quasi-coach for every training camp practice. He's also been experimenting with orthotics to help ease the pain in his toe.

"You don't realize how important your feet are, but it's really everything, right?" Beason said. "So we've been playing with it and trying to come up with the perfect equation for what works on the field, and we're getting close."