NFL Nation reporters: Giants will go 6-10

OK, one more prediction post for the day and then that's it, I promise. This idea I stole from our Cleveland Browns writer, Pat McManamon. We all had to do game-by-game predictions for the teams we cover, and Pat had the idea to go and look at what each of the other NFL Nation team reporters picked for his or her game against the Browns, then add up that predicted record. Pat had the Browns going 6-10, but if you base it on the game-by-game predictions of the reporters covering Cleveland's opponents, they're saying the Browns go 1-15.

Since I think it's interesting to see how the New York Giants are viewed by those of us who aren't so focused on them every day, I thought this would be a good idea. So like I said, I stole it. Pat won't mind. We go way back.

Based on the game-by-game predictions of the team reporters covering the Giants' opponents, the Giants will have a 6-10 record this year. My game-by-game prediction got them to 8-8. Let's take a look at where my picks differ from those of the other team reporters. For context, I put next to each reporter's name his or her predicted final record for his or her team. You can also click on the team reporter's name for his or her game-by-game predictions, in case you'd like to read more about the picks.

Week 1 -- at Detroit (Mon.)

My pick: Giants

Mike Rothstein (8-8): Lions

Week 2 -- vs. Cardinals

My pick: Cardinals

Josh Weinfuss (9-7): Giants

Week 3 -- vs. Texans

My pick: Giants

Tania Ganguli (8-8): Giants

Week 4 -- at Washington (Thu.)

My pick: Redskins

John Keim (7-9): Redskins

Week 5 -- vs. Falcons

My pick: Giants

Vaughn McClure (9-7): Falcons

Week 6 -- at Philadelphia

My pick: Eagles

Phil Sheridan (11-5): Eagles

Week 7 -- at Dallas

My pick: Cowboys

Todd Archer (8-8): Cowboys

Week 8 -- BYE

Week 9 -- vs. Colts (Mon.)

My pick: Colts

Mike Wells (11-5): Colts

Week 10 -- at Seattle

My pick: Seahawks

Terry Blount (13-3): Seahawks

Week 11 -- vs. 49ers

My pick: 49ers

Paul Gutierrez (11-5): 49ers

Week 12 -- vs. Cowboys

My pick: Giants

Todd Archer (8-8): Giants

Week 13 -- at Jacksonville

My pick: Giants

Mike DiRocco (6-10): Giants

Week 14 -- at Tennessee

My pick: Giants

Paul Kuharsky (7-9): Giants

Week 15 -- vs. Redskins

My pick: Giants

John Keim (7-9): Giants

Week 16 -- at St. Louis

My pick: Rams

Nick Wagoner (6-10): Rams

Week 17 -- vs. Eagles

My pick: Giants

Phil Sheridan (11-5): Eagles

Rothstein and I differ on the opener, but I acknowledge that the only reason I'm picking the Giants in the opener is that I don't think anyone else will, and I hate picking the same thing everyone else picks.

Sheridan has the Eagles going 5-1 in the division, including two victories each against Washington and the Giants. I can't predict the NFC East, so what I did was I gave the Giants wins in their home division games and losses in the road ones. Seemed fair.

Everybody seems to agree that that Week 6-11 stretch is the killer for the Giants. McClure adds to it with his prediction of a Falcons road win, and that makes Week 4-11 a seven-game losing streak that would put the Giants at 2-8 after 10 weeks if my colleagues are all correct.

Anyway, take this for what it's worth. I hope you enjoyed it.