Monday Giants mailbag

Here are some of your pressing questions pertaining to the Giants and, of course, anything else (Michigan State, Jersey Shore, old school rap, etc.) that I love to get asked about from time to time.

Jose (Lancaster, PA):

Notorious Ohm, you are Jerry Reese at the '11 draft… your first three picks are OL, LB, S? Or my choices the last three years that didn't come true -- LB, HB, LB?

OHM: Jose, if I am Jerry Reese, and I wish I were because he is a much more wealthier and smarter man than I am (LOL), I probably go with the best talent available on my board at 19 than need. For example, if I identify linebacker as my biggest need, but the quality of offensive tackles available at 19 is much greater than the linebackers available at that point, I am going to take a tackle if that is what is the best available at that point. I believe in value over need when it comes to a pick that high.

And considering that most consider this draft heavy in talent at offensive tackle around that point in the draft, I would have to strongly consider taking a tackle and then going linebacker or cornerback in the second round. As for third round, I’d take a look at a safety, running back, corner and tight end. Only way I’d see Jerry going linebacker twice in three rounds is if two guys they really wanted were there. Remember, with a lockout potentially going past the April draft, the Giants have to approach this draft with the idea that they won’t know what will happen with a new collective bargaining agreement and how that might affect free agency, just to protect themselves.

Jackson (Vermont):

After two effective years from Aaron Ross, he looked like he was ready to break out. Last year he missed the majority of the season with an injury and this year he looked exposed in the secondary. Should we Giants fans read into this at all or does he simply need a full season to recover from the injury? Thanks.

OHM: Jackson, I don’t think Aaron was exposed last season but he didn’t really have a standout season as the third corner. When I quickly think back to his season this past year, I remember him being effective when he was brought off corner blitzes such as in that Chicago game when he sacked Jay Cutler.

Moving forward, I think Ross can play better. However, I think Terrell Thomas is firmly the second corner ahead of Ross. Whether he needed another season to get better, I don’t know, but I think the Giants do need more speed and athleticism at corner and can use the depth.

Andrew (Ann Arbor, MI):

How many chances does Tom Coughlin have left? If we miss the playoffs again, or have another early exit from the playoffs, is Bill Cowher the front-runner for 2012?

OHM: Andrew, I would say if the Giants miss the playoffs for a third straight year, I don’t think Giants ownership will stand for that. So I would think that would be the end of the Tom Coughlin era. As for Bill Cowher, I think the Giants would have to consider him – many fans will have Cowher as the guys they want for sure -- and the many other highly-qualified coaches that will be available after next season.

Tom (Dirty Jerz):

Hey Ohm, do you think the Giants will sign any players before the lockout comes? I'd like to see them lock up some guys like Mathias Kiwanuka or Ahmad Bradshaw. Do you think they come back regardless?

OHM: Tom, Reese has said he will not deal with free agents, his own or those from other teams, until a new CBA is agreed upon, whenever that may be. As for Bradshaw and Kiwanuka, I do think the Giants will try to bring them both back and I think they will be Giants next season. Same goes for Steve Smith. Reese has said that he may offer Kiwanuka, provided he is cleared to play again after his season-ending neck injury last year, a one-year deal to re-establish his worth. Reese may do the same with Smith, who is coming off microfracture knee surgery.

Rossy Chomik (NJ):

At this point is it safe to say that Clint Sintim is a bust and since Phillip Dillard didn't see the field, he may be a wasted pick as well? I mean with no great LB depth, the guy didn't smell the field.

OHM: Rossy, I’m not going to say Sintim is a bust yet. This will be his third season so it is going to be imperative that he shows something more than he has but he will be coming off ACL surgery so that has to be taken into account since it could take him another year to really come back strong from that. Dillard was a fourth-round pick and I think it is way too early to say it was a wasted pick. Let’s give him another year or two.

Sdot (Long Island):

Linval Joseph? Was it too much depth at the position or was everything moving too fast for him in his first year? Also, I do believe we need a youth movement on our offensive line but I do believe our corners could use an upgrade. Corey Webster is solid, Terrell Thomas is coming into his own, not to big on Ross though at nickel. Any thoughts?

OHM: Sdot, I think there was too much depth at that defensive tackle position. The Giants are high on Linval but he had Barry Cofield, Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard ahead of him not to mention Perry Fewell used defensive ends inside as well on occasion. I’m sure there was a learning curve for Joseph and certainly Cofield had a great season. Now we have to see what happens with Cofield, whose contract will expire. I think the Giants should bring back Cofield but he may command a bigger contract from another team than what the Giants are willing to pay. That could open up more time for Joseph.

I do agree that the Giants can use more youth on the offensive line and need to add speed and athleticism to the secondary.

Andrew (Ann Arbor, MI):

Sparty's chances of making the tourney?

OHM: Andrew, I definitely think the Spartans are making the tournament. The win over Illinois on Saturday was huge and I think the tournament committee will factor in Michigan State’s success in the tournament since 1999 – most Final Four appearances of any school since then – and their strength of schedule. Unless MSU goes on a losing streak, the Spartans should get in. And I actually see improvement in their play in their last three games.

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