Giants will give season ticket holders option to defer payment until labor settlement

Giants president and CEO John Mara has been making the rounds on radio stations to explain the owners' perspective on the NFL lockout.

Here is the gist of what he said, complete with the full audio of his interview with 1050 ESPN.

Mara did say during an interview with WFAN that invoices will go out within the week accompanied by a letter from ownership that gives season ticket holders the option of deferring payment until the labor situation is resolved. The letter will also explain the team's refund policy in the event of lost games, something Mara does not believe will happen.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Giants are the only team in the NFL that will not require "full or partial season (ticket) payments during the lockout/labor impasse."

Mara said that the due date on the invoice is May 1 but ticket holders can exercise an option to wait until the labor situation is settled. If they opt to do that, they have to authorize the Giants to charge a credit card for the amount once the labor impasse ends. Ticket holders have until April 30 to decide.

Also, the Giants say they are not raising ticket prices from the 2010 season for the upcoming year.