Da'Rel Scott wants to show Eli he's a catch

HOBOKEN, N.J. –- The lockout has prevented Da’Rel Scott from showing coaches what he can do.

But the New York Giants’ seventh-round draft pick had an opportunity to leave an impression on Eli Manning on Monday.

The former Maryland running back joined Manning, tight end Travis Beckum and wide receivers Victor Cruz and Michael Clayton at Hoboken High School for another of Manning’s workouts.

Even though there was a light drizzle of rain, Scott left an impression on the quarterback after running some short routes for Manning.

“That is a big dimension I can help the Giants with, my catching ability coming out of the backfield,” Scott said. “He already mentioned I have good soft hands. It feels good for him to even comment on that.”

Even though Scott won’t get to carry the ball and show the Giants' coaching staff what he can fully do until the lockout is lifted, the 5-10 running back was able to learn some protection schemes and routes from Manning.

In other words, this was a very productive morning for the seventh-round pick hoping to make the team. Scott needs every advantage he can get with the lockout preventing coaches from talking to rookies and teaching them the offense.

“I didn’t imagine it was going to be like this,” Scott said of meeting Manning for the first time while working out on a high school field. “Being a seventh-round draft choice, you kind of have to get the offense as quick as possible so I wanted him to talk me through it a little bit.”

He learned a little bit of what Manning wants protection-wise and which way to break off a route depending on what the defense is showing.

The Giants are intrigued by Scott’s size (5-10, 205) and his speed. Scott ran a 4.34 at the scouting combine in February. He rushed for 1,133 yards and eight touchdowns during his sophomore season. But injuries and a time-share at running back limited his production to a total of 1,133 yards and nine touchdowns over his last two seasons at Maryland. He missed five games in 2009 to a wrist injury.

“Obviously getting hurt my junior year didn’t help, then my senior year, we had three great backs,” Scott said. “We just shared the ball. It was lack of touches I had. We all shared the ball. That is why it [the production] dropped a little bit.”

The Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and D.J. Ware at running back already. Bradshaw’s contract is up but the running back, who could be a restricted free agent depending on what the new collective bargaining agreement will be, wants to return.

Scott hopes to have an opportunity to compete for a third-down role and play special teams. The Giants can use a tailback who can catch out of the backfield.

Until Scott can get in front of Tom Coughlin and his assistants, the running back hopes to continue to work out with Manning and learn as much as he can from the quarterback.

“Running stuff will come easy for me,” said Scott, who drove up from his hometown of Conshohocken (Pa.) and will stay in a hotel this week for the workouts. “It is more sort of protection stuff so I can get used to it.”

“They know what I can do,” added Scott, who rushed for 200 yards and two touchdowns against East Carolina in the Military Bowl. “I have shown a lot of flashes of what I can do. When I get there, [I can] help special teams-wise. I can be a third-down back coming out as soon as possible. I’m working my tail off the whole training camp to see where I land there.”