Does Plaxico need a fresh start?

Tom Coughlin said there really hasn't been a lot of talk within the Giants organization about a Plaxico Burress reunion.

But outside management, there's plenty of discussion as Burress' prison release date of June 6 nears. There are several Giants who have said that they want Burress back. But does he want to come back?

Left tackle David Diehl says if he were the wide receiver, he might want a fresh start elsewhere.

"I would like to say yes [about a return]," Diehl said on NFL Network on Friday. "He's had a lot of success for us as a player. But, if I were Plaxico, I would say no. With everything that happened, Plaxico has taken a lot of heat, not only through the media. I think about Michael Vick's situation. He went into a new situation, a new city, where he could almost start fresh with new teammates and go back to basics."

Numerous Giants ranging from Brandon Jacobs to Osi Umenyiora have stated that they want Burress back in blue.

Diehl said players would welcome back Burress, whom he described as a "good teammate" who "never wronged anybody."

But Diehl recognizes the distractions Burress will face if he comes backs.

"If I were Plaxico, I don't think I would want to," Diehl said of returning. "It's reality. It happened. It's easy for someone on the outside looking in to judge. But it's a whole different experience when you're the person it happened to. From this point on, he's going to live with this for the rest of his life. He can change, and I'm sure he's changed, since it happened. And I'm sure when he comes out, he'll be a better husband and father. He's going to want to prove all the naysayers wrong. That's enough to fuel anyone.

“More importantly, if I were in that position, in order to move on and start fresh, you have to get back to square one,” Diehl continued. “That's getting back to playing football. That's getting back to yourself, and not only enjoying your family, but enjoying your life and being happy again. For him, I think that's somewhere else."