Smith has a message for McCoy, Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have beaten the New York Giants in six straight games, including their 2008 playoff encounter.

But one Giant wants to remind Philadelphia that the Giants still have something the Eagles want –- Super Bowl trophies.

Not long after LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora traded insults last week, wide receiver Steve Smith posted a photo on Twitter that should add to the Eagles-Giants rivalry.

The photo has Eli Manning holding up the Super Bowl XLII trophy and Smith celebrating under a downpour of confetti. In between those two shots is an image of an empty trophy case with the Eagles' logo on it.

"The nerve of certain youngins running their mouth," Smith said on his Twitter page. "Please don't forget."

Smith added the link to the picture after those words. This came after McCoy called Umenyiora "overrated" and "soft" and the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants. Umenyiora shot back by referring to McCoy as "she" and Lady Gaga and a "Twitter gangster."

"Eagles have a great team as do we," Smith later tweeted. "They've had our number lately but until you win something major I don't wanna hear it. #endthelockout."

Smith also gave an update on his Facebook page of how his rehab is going. He posted a video saying: "I'm feeling so good. I am really excited, happy that I overcame all that and I am ready to have a good season."

Smith is coming off microfracture surgery on his knee and will likely have to take things slow during training camp much like safety Kenny Phillips did last year.