Bradshaw excited about DeAngelo deal

When DeAngelo Williams agreed to a monster contract today, Ahmad Bradshaw and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had to be smiling somewhere.

Williams agreed to a five-year, $43-million deal with the Panthers, who will also pay the running back $21 million guaranteed.

Bradshaw might not get that kind of money but that deal certainly will not hurt his cause. The Giants have made an undisclosed offer to him.

“Well it’s a very exciting deal and hopefully it takes the value up for me,” he said during an interview on ESPN's "NFL Live" today. “Hopefully somebody out there can use what I do on the field, that is blocking, running the ball, protecting the quarterback. It just all depends on who can use it and who is willing to pay.”

Bradshaw reiterated that he wants to remain a Giant but that the two leading teams for his services are the Giants and Dolphins. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, however, reported that Bradshaw’s asking price appears to be out of the Dolphins' price range.

“We have been talking to a lot of different teams,” Bradshaw said in the interview which took place during the afternoon. “The Giants and Dolphins are ahead of the pack right now. Hopefully someone can use my talents out there and see something in what I have been doing on the field.”

“I rather stay,” he added about New York. “I’ve set my foundation there in New York and I love just the excitement there. The fans are great. The community is great out there. I love New York the most but the price is going to talk.”

Bradshaw hopes he and Brandon Jacobs remain teammates in New York. Jacobs may actually have to take a paycut in order for the Giants to keep Bradshaw. There were multiple reports today that the Giants were discussing restructuring Jacobs' contract with the running back, who is slated to make $4.65 million this season.

"Definitely, I think we are the best backfield duo in the league," Bradshaw said of trying to keep the tandem together. "Playing with Brandon, he is like a big brother to me. We kind of teach each other different things about our games and we complement each other."

Bradshaw also hopes he can call Plaxico Burress a teammate again. Bradshaw has been training with Burress in South Florida and reports that Burress looks like the receiver who caught the game-winning touchdown to upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

“It is the same Plax,” Bradshaw said. “He’s still got the hands, he’s still got the same speed, he’s still aggressive and that is what it takes on the field as a receiver. I think he can do it anywhere.”