Reese on free agency, Baas, roster

The Giants have extended offers to free agents Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Boss and Steve Smith. So, according to GM Jerry Reese, "the ball is in their court."

"We have offers out to all those guys and we communicated with those guys," Reese said. "The ball is in their court and we will see what happens in the very near future with that.”

• Reese spoke highly of center David Baas, who recently inked a free-agent contract to replace Shaun O'Hara.

"We like him. He is a big man and we like the versatility that he brings," Reese said. "He played center last year and he was a center and guard in college as well. He is a big, tough guy and very, very smart. A high test score guy so he fits everything we like at that position. He looks just like a New York Giant offensive lineman to us and we think he is going to bring a lot to the table. He will start out as the center for us."

• Although many think otherwise, Reese claims there aren't many "gaping holes" on the Giants roster.

"I don’t think there are any gaping holes for us right now," Reese said. "I think there are some guys we would like to have on the roster as we go forward but if we had to go out there and play right now, I wouldn’t be afraid to play."

• Reese left open the possibility that the Giants could bring back O'Hara and Rich Seubert, who were recently released.

"We always try to leave the doors open for any transactions that have been made with us," Reese said. "We don’t try to burn any bridges with anybody, so yes that door is still open. Hopefully both of them will be healthy enough to play at some point and who knows, they could be back here. So we always try to keep our door open with respect to that."

• Reese was asked about how the younger players on the roster are going to be affected by the loss of OTAs and minicamps before training camp.

"I think, as far as young guys and rookies are concerned, those guys have to learn as you go anyway," Reese said. "You put them in there some early in the season and hopefully they get a feel for the speed of the game. The preseason is really not the real speed of the game. It really is not it. When they get out there in the real varsity action, I think they learn as you put them in early in the season and maybe middle way through the season they have a pretty good feel for the speed of the game. You are hoping that by the latter part of the season, those guys can help you some. I think they learn on a fly anyway to answer your question."