Prince Amukamara remains unsigned

The Giants have been able to re-sign veterans like Ahmad Bradshaw and Mathias Kiwanuka -- but they have yet to make a deal with first-round draft pick Prince Amukamara.

The cornerback from Nebraska, who was taken with the 19th overall pick back in April, is one of three first-round NFL draft picks who remain unsigned.

Peter Giunta, the Giants' cornerbacks coach, said Wednesday that he has spoken to Amukamara "a couple times" since the NFL lockout was lifted, but that's been the extent of their contact.

"He'll just have to come in and compete," said Giunta, "and spend the extra time studying and getting caught up with these guys as far as the mental aspect of the game goes, and start working on his technique, and (we'll) try to grab him as much as we can when he's free. They have some volunteer days that players get the day off -- we'll try to catch him up then as best we can."

Starting cornerback Terrell Thomas has also been in touch with Amukamara, sending him some notes during the offseason and giving him advice on training camp (for whenever he arrives).

Thomas said Wednesday that Amukamara's learning curve once he gets to camp shouldn't be too bad. "It's not that hard," Thomas said. "It's man coverage -- we've got some veterans who can talk to him and kind of position him. Hopefully his natural ability (will help), and being on a big stage won't bother him."

Giunta was asked what are the biggest adjustments Amukamara will have to make. "The speed of the game, the pro game -- just the quarterbacks, how they can throw the ball away from your leverage, so he'll miss that," Giunta said. "And the communication -- our language is different than the Nebraska Huskers' language. The Giants' language is so much different -- that's the biggest change for those guys, is learning our language, our terminology. And then learning the nuances of the program, the illegal contact rules -- that's a big thing for those guys."

But Giunta is really looking forward to working with the former Nebraska star, who the Giants were very pleasantly suprised was still on the draft board when the Giants' first-round pick came up in April.

"He's a big physical corner that can run," Giunta said. "That thing is huge. A lot of time when you get big physical corners, they're not quite as fast. But he has speed. He's big, he's physical -- that's what's huge."