Cashman comes to Reese's defense

One New York general manger who knows what it's like to be scrutinized is going to bat for the other.

While defending inconsistent starter A.J. Burnett Friday, Yankees General Manger Brian Cashman also took time to defend the New York Giants and General Manager Jerry Reese for failing to re-sign wide receiver Steve Smith. The topic arose as Cashman spoke about what he called emotional responses that don't reflect reality.

"You turn on the radio stations. The New York Giants just lost their third receiver to the Philadelphia Eagles. Not their first receiver, it's not their second receiver, it's a guy coming off microfracture surgery, relax," Cashman said. "It's the same thing with A.J. Burnett. A.J. Burnett is not pitching anywhere close to as bad as people reflect and they got him pulled out of the rotation and I just think it's a stupid reaction. That's all."

Cashman's defense of the Giants comes one day after Reese held a press conference to defend his team's lack of moves and allowing some of its top free agents, like Smith, to head elsewhere instead of being re-signed to new deal. The failure to sign Smith, who headed to rival Philadelphia, has been a much-discussed move and it seems that many fans are quite upset with the Giants front office for not re-signing Smith.

It's unknown whether Cashman would approve of the Giants letting tight end Kevin Boss go to the Raiders, though.