Bulluck on Harry Carson, the NFC East and even Ray Allen

Just some leftovers from the Keith Bulluck chat with the media today in case you can't get enough of the newest Giant.

First off, Bulluck will wear 53 thanks in part to rookie Phillip Dillard, who gave up the number to the veteran. Dillard will wear 49 for now.

On whether he has been handed the middle linebacker job already: "Nah, it’s a competition. There are two other guys there, and I’m coming here to compete. In this league, nothing is given to you. So, one thing that I have always loved about this league is that every year you have to come prove yourself. Back in January when I started my rehab, I knew that there was going to be a greater challenge. To be honest, I didn’t have to accept the challenge. I played for 10 great years in Tennessee and I just completed a six year deal and I saw every cent of it. Me and my family could have easily just rode off into the sunset and leave it at that. I still have that burning desire to come and play, and prove myself and that I’m one of the best linebackers in the league. You know, that’s my challenge. To play for this organization that still has a lot to prove and can win, that’s another big reason to come here."

On when he will be able to be a full-go in training camp: "Right now. The coaching staff and training staff are going to do what they need to do to bring me along. I still have to get into football shape because I haven’t been in a camp. I’m in shape to go out and run some gassers and 100s and all that stuff. As far as sideline to sideline, and getting off blocks and getting to the ball, I haven’t done that since December. So, it’s a matter of getting re-acclimated and getting in football shape. As far as getting full-go, it’s up to the coaching staff. I’ve been told that they’re not going to try and kill me in two-a-days. I know from my own personal benefit that when I’m not practicing on the field with my teammates, I’ll be doing some other stuff to keep getting my knee stronger and better. Like I said, I’m not 100% right now and I need to get some more strength in my quad, but all that stuff comes. If I were to put a percentage as to where I’m at now, I’d say 90% seven weeks from the first game of the season so you can gauge from there."

On why he picked the Giants over the Cardinals last week after visiting with both teams: "The Giants have more of a solid team, and they didn’t lose as many pieces of their puzzle. Arizona just lost a Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner. They have someone that’s not proven. I love their defense and their head coach and their coordinator. I got to meet with both of them and those guys were great. I honestly thought it would be easier to go with New York because of the whole factor that I grew up here. Arizona had a tough bargain. What really took it over the top was when I spoke to (Michael) Strahan last week. I reached out to him and you know, he was shooting a couple commercials so it took him a couple days to get back to me. When he did, we had a nice 20, 30 minute talk. He shot me straight. I’ve known Stray for a couple of years now, and even when he was in the league, he was a guy who I kind of watched and I liked the way he went about things on and off the field. He didn’t say, ‘Go to the Giants,’ or anything like that. He gave me his overview of what he thought was needed and how he felt I would help. He took it back to the year when they won the Super Bowl and how it went. He also talked about the New York media also."

On what he thinks of the Giants defense: "They have talent, and they brought in talent. They brought in Deon Grant and Antrel Rolle, and they had Osi (Umenyiora), (Justin) Tuck and the guys up front. Michael Boley is a young and up-and-coming linebacker, and is poised on the outside. As I get familiar with the defense and the personnel, we all have to mesh. We all have to mesh. There are guys who were here last year that may not be happy with the season last year so they feel that they have something to prove. I know this team as a whole has something to prove. For everyone to be talking about Dallas, Washington, and Philadelphia and not talking about Big Blue is absurd. We’ll get together as a team when we get up to Albany. As a defense, I’m sure Coach (Perry) Fewell has plans for us and how he wants us to play and attack. We will definitely put that into play once we get out and onto the practice field next week and continue with it throughout the season. It’s a long season, and we will have plenty of time to gel and mesh. I’m just excited that we have the guys we have here, and they want to win. A lot of people here know what it’s like to win. They’ve held that trophy up and they have rings at home that indicate that. No one is happy with just one. The Boston Celitcs said that throughout the playoffs. Ray Allen said it’s the first one that’s easy, and the second one is the hardest. We might have to get three in my time here."

On the pressure of wearing 53: "No pressure. I know the great Harry Carson wore it. I’m not a pressure type person. I’ll be fine, I’ll be alright. That’s the least of my concerns. I won’t disrespect the jersey."