Beckum's return still uncertain

Travis Beckum clarified what he meant Monday when he said he was going for “tests.”

He said was talking more about finding out what muscle was compensating for the soreness in his left hamstring.

“There’s a high chance that another muscle might not be 100 percent,” Beckum said.

Asked what muscle that is, Beckum replied, “I’m assuming it’s my glutes or my hamstrings.”

While Beckum said his hamstrings feel better, he doesn’t know when he’ll return to practice.

“I’m gonna take it day-by-day and see how my leg treats me.”

Beckum said his backup, Bear Pascoe, was put in a tough position during Sunday’s season-opening loss to the Redskins, because he didn’t come out of practice until Friday.

“Obviously, Bear was put in a tough position because I had taken all the reps all week for the three wides and the ‘Detroit 47’ and he was put out there,” Pascoe said. “But that’s what I’m looking to do is contribute so I’m just hoping to get back out there.”