Jacobs' message for fans who don't believe

When asked if he thinks there are more people who believe in the Giants now than there were a week ago, before their big win over the Eagles, running back Brandon Jacobs responded with a LeBron James-like response for any haters.

"Well, the only thing that matters is the people that is on this football team and in this organization believe in this football team," Jacobs said. "The people outside that want to say that they are fans and don't believe in us, I can care less if they ever believe in us. They don't mean anything to us if they don't believe in us. They can go back and finish living their miserable lives that they have been living and hoping that we lose."

The reporter who asked the question later clarified that he meant whether players in the locker room believe in what the Giants can do now more than before.

"In this locker room, guys are ready to play," Jacobs said. "I can look in a lot of [teammates'] eyes and see that they are ready. Our defense is set and where they need to be. If we just get everybody back on both sides of the ball ... I think we will be fine."

"We have confidence knowing that we can go in and beat anybody," he added. "Arizona is a good football team and we are a good football team as well. We have to keep our confidence high and keep playing football week in and week out."