Rolle: Jacobs' knee was like a volleyball

Safety Antrel Rolle says Antonio Pierce and Michael Strahan should not question Justin Tuck's or Brandon Jacobs' injuries.

Pierce, an ESPN NFL analyst, said yesterday that the Giants need Tuck and Jacobs' leadership on the field and that they should play if their injuries do not require surgery.

"I'm not fully aware of the severeness of Tuck’s injury and I don't feel it's Antonio Pierce's place or Michael Strahan’s place to comment on someone’s injuries," Rolle said on his weekly radio spot with WFAN. "Brandon Jacobs, I saw his knee firsthand. I don’t see how he could have played. His knee was the size of a volleyball with the fluid in it."

"Obviously, there was no way he could play," Rolle added. "At the end of the day, I never question any of my teammates’ toughness. If they could play they will, no doubt about it."

Jacobs declined to comment last night after appearing at a Giants' sponsored event.