Fewell may install wristbands on defenders

Opposing teams have shredded the Giants in the no-huddle this season, so defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is doing everything he can to change that.

“I really learned something last week in that the no-huddle is effective,” Fewell said. “It’s about communication. I think we weren’t communicating. When you use that form of communication verbally everybody doesn’t always get it at the same time.

“I think I need to do a better job and maybe [install] wristbands on the guys so that everybody knows what the call is. If one person doesn’t know then he has to say it to everybody else. I think I can do a better job and help our players if I do that for them.”

Fewell said he prepared his team for the no-huddle against Seattle last Sunday, although it didn’t seem to matter.

He expects to see no-huddle from Buffalo this Sunday as well.

“They’re not consistently a no-huddle team, but when they’ve fallen behind, like against the Raiders they fell behind so they up-tempoed and they got going,” Fewell said. “You see it from time to time in their play. You don’t know if that’s part of their system or if it’s because they’re behind and they just have to come out and do this because they’re behind.”

If he sees the other team going to a no-huddle, Fewell usually goes with a nickel defense, featuring five defensive backs.

“I’m going to try to stop the run as best I possibly can so I’m going to put our defensive tackles in and our defensive ends and have five DBs in the game,” Fewell said.

The Giants currently rank 22nd in total defense, while the Bills rank 10th in total offense.

• Fewell took part of the blame for the miscommunication between Antrel Rolle and Aaron Ross on the Seahawks’ game-winning touchdown last Sunday.

“It was miscommunication on their part and then I think they froze a little bit when Osi [Umenyiora] jumped offsides,” Fewell said. “That’s on me, too. I’ve got to coach them to keep playing. I’ve got to make sure that they get the communication right.”