Tuck on secondary, big plays

Many Giants have been playing out of position this season because of injury.

But Justin Tuck hopes that will change at least somewhat when rookie Prince Amukamara comes back, which he could do in two weeks.

Antrel Rolle has been playing a lot of slot cornerback in 2011, and has been doing a fantastic job according to Tuck, but would be better served playing his regular safety role when Amukamara returns and takes over as the third corner covering the slot.

“I give Antrel a lot of credit because a lot of people don’t understand what we’re asking him to do,” Tuck said Monday on WFAN. “He’s playing the slot receiver, who’s always the quickest, the toughest guy to play, and he’s a safety playing that position. But I give him a lot of credit because the coaches have asked him to do it and he’s stepped up for us. We’d like to have him play center field, but that’s unselfish thing for him to say ‘Yeah, coach. I’ll do it.’ I think he’s done an admirable job at it.”

Amukamara has yet to play a game this season because he's still recovering from foot surgery, but Tuck says the first-year pro has stayed mentally sharp in meetings and will be able to pick up the defense faster than people think.

• Tuck said the reason Fred Jackson was able to rip off an 80-yard touchdown run wasn’t just because Deon Grant took a bad angle trying to tackle him. It was all about gap responsibility.

“We were in a gaped out defense,” Tuck said. “They ran a wrap play on us where they started frontside, and kind of cut it backside and we over-pursued it.”

Looking at replays, our guess is that Jacquain Williams was supposed to have the gap responsibility Jackson ran through, but got blocked off of it quickly.

• As for Naaman Roosevelt’s 60-yard touchdown catch, Tuck said the Giants were in “buzz” coverage. They didn’t get enough pressure up front, and Roosevelt was able to find a hole in their zone. He just kept “floating,” caught the pass and then was “off to the races.”