Tuck: I didn't think I was going to make it

After missing the last three weeks due to neck and groin injuries, Justin Tuck honestly didn’t think he was going to make it through Sunday’s game.

“There’s some things that I wish were feeling better than what they do,” Tuck said, “but like I said, I made it through the football game and we’re just going to go forward coming up this week.”

The Giants defensive end, who finished with a tackle and half a sack against Miami, was on a snap count. The coaching staff wanted to get him 35 snaps. He said he got 38. Close enough.

“Honestly, the energy from the crowd there in the fourth quarter helped a lot,” Tuck said of why he was able to gut out the end of the game. “You kind of forget about some stuff. And then when the adrenaline comes down, I’m sitting there talking to you guys at the podium, [and] I kind of regret some of the decisions that I made during the game.”

As for the team’s run defense getting gashed by Reggie Bush for 103 yards, Tuck said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Here’s Tuck on playing with all four defensive ends being in the game at the same time: “It took us a while to get in the flow of things. I said I didn’t want to be a distraction. I don’t know if I was, but I don’t think we played up to our abilities in that first half. Right at the end of the third, going into the fourth I think we hit our stride and started playing a lot better together. We were able to finish it out there at the end.”

• ESPN Stats & Information named it’s punter of the week: Steve Weatherford.

Weatherford averaged 44.5 net yards on four punts, booting the four punts to the Dolphins 17, 5, 10, and 20.

The last of those was a 55-yard boomer with 3:47 left and return man Reggie Bush was hit for a four-yard loss, leaving the Dolphins on their own 16-yard line. The punt improved the Giants win probability from 66.7 percent to 69.4 percent The Giants were able to hold on for the 20-17 win.

The 44.5 net average was Weatherford's best net average of the season.