Jacobs lifts play, coach

Brandon Jacobs looked a little more like his regular self after the Giants' 24-20 win over the Patriots. He was even the celebrating Giant who picked up coach Tom Coughlin in the visiting locker room at Gillette Stadium as the whole team cheered a short-handed victory.

"I personally did that,” Jacobs said, "and Coughlin's a little heavy, a little heavy."

Once back safely on solid ground, Coughlin said, "I can’t believe you guys." Jacobs laughed that Coughlin didn’t know it was him.

It was a relaxed interview that was a marked departure from a tense and frustrated postgame after a win over Miami. Jacobs hadn't played well, he wasn't sure what his role in the Giants offense was and wasn't getting the yardage that would make him valuable to another team, should it come to that.

Asked to take over for Ahmad Bradshaw, who broke his foot in last week's win, Jacobs was solid. He had 18 carries for 72 yards, an average of four yards a carry. He also had four catches for 28 yards.

"I ran hard," Jacobs said, "but in focusing on running hard and hitting holes hard I might have left some yards on the field."

Justin Tuck said the defense was always happy to see Jacobs at his best. "When that guy is motivated to play, he's tough man,” Tuck said, noting that at 6-foot-4 and 264 pounds, "A lot of people do not want to see him in the hole when he’s running like he’s running today."

If Bradshaw is out another week, knowing that Jacobs is back to his usual self going to San Francisco will be one less thing the Giants have to worry about.