Poll: Coughlin least desired coach in NFL

Tom Coughlin is the least desired coach in the NFL, according to a Sporting News’ player poll.

Of the 111 players interviewed from 31 teams, the Giants’ Coughlin got 22 votes. Miami’s Tony Sparano was second with 21, while New England’s Bill Belichick received 15. No other coach got more than six.

“Coughlin is that old school, Bill Parcells, my way or the highway type. He won’t bend at all. That’s not the kind of coach you’d want to play for,” Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams told the website.

“Looking at it from the outside, I don’t know that any player in the league would say they’d want to play for Tom Coughlin. I wouldn’t,” said an unnamed NFC defensive player.

Obviously, this is just a small sample size of players -- 6.5 percent of the 1,696 in the league.

Coughlin has certainly been known for his rigidness and being a disciplinarian. At the same time, he has lightened up a bit in recent years.

His record pretty much speaks for itself. Although his teams haven’t made the postseason the last two years, Coughlin has amassed a 71-49 (.592) mark with the Giants over 7 1/2 seasons, winning the Super Bowl in 2007.