Don't remind Antrel of last year's meltdown

Tom Coughlin says he may make a reference or show his team some footage of last year's meltdown against the Eagles sometime this week.

But Antrel Rolle says Coughlin shouldn't bother. This is a different season.

"I don’t give a [hoot] about that game last year," Rolle said. "Last year is last year. That don’t affect anything with us this year. If he wants to be reminded, he can be reminded."

Like Rolle, Coughlin said he is focused on this being a new year. But last year's loss could be a nice little motivational tactic for the head coach.

"I doubt we’ll talk about that," Coughlin said. "We may make reference to it or show a little tape from that. It’s a new year, a new season and we’ve been down, visited there, again."


Coughlin also insisted that the Eagles (3-6) are better now than they were when the Giants beat them, 29-16, in September.

"I just think they are better," Coughlin said. "If you just look at last week’s game, they had every opportunity and they were in position to win. I just think they are playing better. They have their issues with the turnovers. They have scored on defense two weeks in a row. They scored more than one touchdown, they scored a touchdown and a field goal off two interceptions. I just think they are improved since the first time we saw them."

When told what Coughlin said, Eagles head coach Andy Reid sounded as if he got a tad emotional on a conference call with New York reporters.

"I appreciate him saying that," Reid said while pausing during his answer. "He and I are good friends so I appreciate him saying that. We are just trying to get better every week and we are playing a good football team this week."


The Giants signed DE Craig Marshall to the practice squad and cut QB Ryan Perrilloux for the fifth time this season. Of course, Perrilloux could be back soon again.