TC rip 'doesn't mean nothing' to Boley

Tom Coughlin called his players out for a lack of fight on Sunday night.

On Monday, Michael Boley didn’t put much stock in Coughlin’s assessment.

“I’ve always said coaches coach, players play. We’re the ones, we’re in the trenches. We’re the ones, we really know what goes on down there. So for someone to sit on the sides and say this is what happened, that doesn’t mean nothing to me,” Boley said.

Boley himself sat on the sideline during the Giants’ 17-10 loss to the Eagles. He was ruled out with a hamstring injury.

From his perspective, the Giants made took many mental mistakes.

From Coughlin's perspective, they were physically dominated by Philadelphia.

"I am very disappointed because coming out of San Francisco the talk was -- by the players -- we'll fight, we'll fight, we will play hard and we will do all those things. I didn't see that," Coughlin said on Sunday night.

"Not only running the ball but pass protection," the coach added. "We got physically handled."

BOLEY HOPES TO RETURN: Boley didn't offer any predictions about his availability for the New Orleans game on Monday, but he hopes to be back.

He said his hamstring is feeling better but he has not tried to run on it.