Note: Coughlin's positive reinforcement

Do the Giants really need positive reinforcement?

With his team in a funk, coach Tom Coughlin apparently thinks so.

“We’ve taken a look at the plays from our six wins to remind our players of the quality of their play and what we’re capable of doing,” Coughlin said during a Tuesday conference call with the media. “We’ve reminded them that from 2007 to ’11 we are the, maybe it’s tied now, but we were the team that has won more games on the road than anybody else in the NFL. Those things have all taken place.”

• Coughlin didn’t single out many players for their efforts in Monday’s night 49-28 blowout loss in New Orleans, but Jason Pierre-Paul was one of them.

The defensive end recorded six tackles, including a fourth-down stop on a fake field- goal attempt which ended the Saints’ opening drive. Coughlin called Pierre-Paul’s play “outstanding.”

“How many times do you see a defensive lineman lined up in the middle of the formation make the play on a pass on the attempted fake field goal to stop them from getting the first down?” Coughlin said. “That was just one play but he made some outstanding plays late in the game to reject some runs and rush the passer and that type of thing. I thought that was outstanding.”

• With starting left tackle William Beatty out after undergoing eye surgery, David Diehl moved back to his old position, while versatile reserve Kevin Boothe started at left guard.

“We battled and I think that one of the things that comes out of the game, I mentioned late in the week how critical our communication would have to be and we would have to do some things despite the noise that would relocate our protection and make the necessary alerts and all be on the same page, I think that Eli Manning did an outstanding job of recognition,” Coughlin said.

“I thought that we played into the blitz very well up until the last drive. When we had the fourth and five, that was probably the drive at the end of the game where we didn’t handle the blitz or the pressure of the blitz as well as we had the rest of the day. That part of it and our ability to handle that and the physicality of which we protected upfront, the hustle and the effort of the guys upfront trying to get that job done and blocking upfront and picking up the pressures, going up and beyond to make sure that got done, I thought we did a very good job of that.”

• Coughlin called Steve Weatherford’s fake punt run -- a play that was called off -- which got blown up “a debacle.”