Bradshaw 'plans to play' Sunday

The Giants miss Ahmad Bradshaw and desperately need him back to help their non-existent rushing attack.

In the last four games -- all without Bradshaw -- the Giants averaged 3.15 yards per carry.

But from the sounds of it, the Giants may finally get their starter back on Sunday.

“I feel good, I plan on playing,” Bradshaw said.

Sounds promising, right? Only one problem: Bradshaw likely isn’t going to practice this week.

“I don’t want to,” he said. “I wanna be as healthy as I can on Sunday.”

So you’re saving yourself?

“Yeah, pretty much,” Bradshaw said. “Maybe I’ll try to run a little bit this week and see how it feels. Then Friday, if I can get out there and practice a little bit, maybe so. I just wanna be healthy toward the end of the week, so when Sunday comes there’s not a lot of pain and I can rest the bone.”

The bone, of course, is the fractured one in his foot that his kept him out since he injured it in the third quarter of the team’s victory over Miami.

Bradshaw has played without practicing before. But if he does play, how effective will he be?