Giants don't want Pack D to make big plays

Usually, the plan is to prevent the opposing team from making big plays when they're on offense.

Sunday against the Packers, the Giants want to prevent Green Bay from making big plays -- when the Packers are on defense.

"What bothers me is their ability, you see a deflection, that guy's got it, the corner's jumping it, taking a chance," Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said on Thursday. "They have some guys that are willing to gamble, take chances, almost trade off a big play for a big play, even when you are doing it right, you sometimes get surprised by some of the reactions of the defense. They are making a lot of big plays defensively and sometimes they've given up some plays, but they turn around and bite you wherever. We just can't afford that to happen to have a chance"

The Packers are one of the most opportunistic teams in the NFL, leading the NFL with 22 interceptions and 383 return yards on those interceptions. In fact, since 2008, the Packers lead the league in interceptions, interception return yards and interceptions returned for touchdowns.

In last year's game against the Giants, the Packers picked off quarterback Eli Manning four times and forced two other turnovers in a 45-17 victory. That game was the starting point of what has become a 17-game in streak for the Packers.

While Green Bay yields the third-most yards in the league this season, its defense has been able to come up with plenty of key turnovers to help it to its 11-0 start.

"I think sometimes what it looks like happens occasionally on both sides of the ball with terrific players they'll take some chances that maybe they shouldn't have played," Gilbride said. "These guys, if you throw them the ball they catch it. They don't drop it, they catch it and they return it. I have a feeling they're always trying to make big plays and some people have been fortunate to make some plays against them."

Gilbride complimented the Packers defense, calling them terrific, saying they have phenomenal speed and terrific pass rushers. He also praised the play of do-it-all cornerback Charles Woodson, specifically when he moves inside to blitz.

"They're good, they're very good," Gilbride said. "Hopefully we can make some plays on them."