Gilbride frustrated with lack of first-half TDs

The recent lack of first-half touchdowns is not sitting well with Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

"It's very frustrating," Gilbride said on Thursday.

In the last four games, the Giants have has failed to score a single touchdown in the first half and the squad has just one score in its last five games. In those last four games, the Giants have not scored more than six points in a half and have tallied a combined 12 points.

It's not that yardage has been the problem. As Gilbride pointed out, the team has had sustained drives, like it did against San Francisco a few weeks back, but has only been able to come away with field goals. Even last week again New Orleans, the team had the ball in the redzone to start the game before New Orleans made an interception.

"We've put ourselves in position but that's only part of the responsibility," Gilbride said. "Once you put yourself in position you have to finish it and we haven't been doing that. (The) Philly game we had a couple of major drops that would have set us up right away. I'm pleased with the movement we've had but no question it's all about getting it in the endzone."

Receiver Hakeem Nicks did not have an answer for why the team has been getting off to such slow starts. For the year, the Giants have scored 112 points in the first halves of games compared to 140 in the second halves. Futher more, the Giants have scored 42 points in the second halves of their last four games.

"Maybe we might have to adjust the game a little differently," Nicks said.

Scoring touchdowns will be especially critical against a high-powered offense like Green Bay, who leads the league in points per game. If the Giants can't match the Packers' touchdowns, they could potentially find themselves trailing by double digits at the half like they did against the Saints on Monday.

And everyone saw how that game ended.

"You have to be perfect. Not perfect, but you have to play as close to your best as you can to have a chance," Gilbride said about needing to finish vs. Green Bay. "It's obvious that they're very good and the undefeated defending champs. They're a terrific team. To have a chance, you have to be at your best."