'D' can't defend sideline

The Giants secondary struggled to defend sideline routes on Sunday and allowed too many big pass plays to Aaron Rodgers (join the club).

But Eli Manning had his fair share against the Packers' secondary as well.

Here is a deeper look at the quarterback play on both sides in the Packers' 38-35 win over the Giants, courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information.

Rodgers controls the sidelines

The Packers’ receivers dropped four passes over the middle on Sunday, but shined along the sidelines. Aaron Rodgers completed just a third of his throws inside the field numbers Sunday against the Giants after completing 74.9 percent of such throws entering the week. However, Rodgers completed a season-high 21 passes outside the painted field numbers, going 4 for 4 on the final drive.

Aaron Rodgers by Throw Location Sunday vs Giants

Inside Numbers Outside Numbers

Comp-Att 7-21 21-25<<

Comp pct 33.3 84.0

Yds/att 5.0 10.6

TD-Int 1-1 3-0

>>Most completions by a QB this season

Rodgers finds his touch stretching the field

Rodgers attempted 13 passes of at least 15 air yards Sunday against the Giants, tied for his most in a game in his career. Rodgers was 4 for 7 on such throws in the second half, including a touchdown and the completion to Jordy Nelson with 51 seconds remaining, after going 2 of 6 with an interception in the first half.

Manning hits the deep ball

Manning exploited the Packers’ secondary Sunday afternoon as he threw a long touchdown pass to Travis Beckum on the Giants’ first drive of the game and completed three of his four attempts 31 or more yards downfield. Coming into this week, the Packers had only allowed five such completions all season long.

Eli Manning Passing 31+ Yards Downfield 2011 Season

Weeks 1-12 Sunday

Comp pct 31.3 75.0

Yds/att 17.3 40.0

TD 2 1

Packers 3-4 not as tough without Hawk, Bishop

Manning took advantage of a Packers’ defense that was missing Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk with all three of his touchdown passes coming against the base 3-4 defense, his first such passes of the year. The Packers had allowed just two passing touchdowns when in their 3-4 entering Sunday.

Manning overcomes the blitz on the final drive

Manning went 3 for 5 for 39 yards and a touchdown on the Giants’ final drive when the Packers brought five or more pass rushers. Prior to the drive, Manning was 6 of 14 for 53 yards and an interception against such pressure.

- Compiled by Kim Meyer and John McTigue