Ballard: 'It looks like I was in'

Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether Jake Ballard landed in the end zone or out of bounds after a first-quarter catch against the Packers on Sunday.

For what it's worth, Ballard believes he was in.

"I thought so," he said on Wednesday.

On the play in question, Eli Manning found a diving Ballard in the end zone for what the Giants hoped was a 20-yard touchdown. But referees ruled Ballard out of bounds. He got one foot in. At issue was whether he dragged his knee in, too.

Tom Coughlin challenged the play, but referee Jeff Triplette reviewed it upheld the call on the field. New York settled for Lawrence Tynes' field goal, which broke a 7-7 tie.

Coughlin later saw a photo produced by FOX TV that appeared to show Ballard’s right knee touching down inside the end zone.

“I just saw a picture which made me sick to my stomach, which FOX produced and showed that he’s in,” the coach said during his Monday press conference.

Ballard has seen the photo that shows his knee landing in the end zone.

"It looks like I was in," he said with a smile.

But he didn't need the photo to prove that he'd scored.

Ballard saw a video replay that showed his knee pad landing inside the end zone before his momentum carried him out of bounds.

"My knee pad was in," the tight end said.

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