Andrews thankful for Giants

Stacy Andrews didn't think much of the pain.

Last week, the Giants offensive lineman dealt with pain in his ribcage but kept brushing it off, thinking it was just a popped rip. Then, Saturday night during prep meetings for Green Bay, he couldn't stand the pain anymore.

"Saturday evening when I'm just sitting in meetings and it's steady increasing, I was like something can't be right," Andrews said.

Andrews later found out that he had blood clots in both his lungs and ultimately was placed on injured reserve Tuesday. The backup offensive lineman stopped by the Giants facility on Friday with his brother, Shawn Andrews, catching up with teammates and talking to the media.

"I'm thankful that the man up above sent me a pain that I couldn't tolerate anymore and got me on out there to the hospital," Andrews said.

The lineman said he first thought that he had popped a rip, saying that he had a level of pain tolerance, but just let it slide. He still had lots of pain on Friday but practiced through it, even coughing up blood in the shower on two occasions. The pain interfered with his sleeping on those days as well.

On Saturday, it finally became too much for him during the team meetings. The training staff had him go to the hospital, where a CAT Scan was performed and it was revealed he had blood clots. Andrews said he asked his doctor if he would be able to play before being told he would have to spend the night in the hospital.

"They told me they were small so that kind of eased my mind right there," Andrews said. "I wasn't fine with having blood clots but when he told me how small they were I was like, OK, I'm thankful we caught them and if I have to stay a night or two (in the hospital), let's do it."

Moving forward, Andrews said he has injections to take for the next two days and then he will take a pill once a time before checking back with the doctors in two to three months to see if the blood clots are gone. He said it should not take more than six months for them to be removed from his lungs.

Andrews said there is no long-term effect and he will be be able to play again. He can't play any contact sports right now but can run and jump.

He praised the Giants for everything they did for him in his short time with them. Andrews played in nine games with three starts.

"Big-time thankful for the Giants," Andrews said. "Me and my brother talk, being in other organizations, you go to tell them something is hurting. Most of the time, they'll tell you to put ice on it, get ice. But the guys here, it's a great organization. They get right on it and said 'Let's get you to the hospital. Get it checked out.'"