Coughlin won't game plan Jets

Giants coach Tom Coughlin knows that in a year where the Jets and Giants are sharing a new $1.6 billion stadium, there is potentially more at stake when the teams match up this Monday in the first preseason game at the New Meadowlands.

However, he said he wasn’t going to gameplan specifically for the Jets, because with a full 16-game season to get ready for, treating this game like it counts will ultimately distract from the bigger goal.

“If we did something along those lines, I just don’t think it’s be smart,” Coughlin said. “...You want to win but you’re not going to sacrifice the ability to evaluate personnel for that because that’s what preseason is.”

Coughlin addressed G Chris Snee swelling in his left knee, saying it was something that has to be watched.

On CB Bruce Johnson improving: “He’s getting better, confident guy, we need all we can get back there.”

He said that the defensive backs as a group were a more formidable group.

“I think they can,” Coughlin said, “that’s what we’re working toward.”

On TE Bear Pascoe, the fact that he is on the field with so many injuries is allowing the Giants more time to look at him for the regular season roster. “The more evidence you have,” Coughlin said, the better.

He said that the short weeks combined with so many guys out of practice are making for a difficult preseason. “When a guy’s working one-a-day and he stays focused on the practice he’s not in, he gets the mental reps and he’s in all the meetings,” Coughlin said. “ But when a guys not practicing you hope that he pays the kind of attention necessary but it’s an unplanned event.”