Coughlin's timeout call was right on time

DALLAS -- Giants coach Tom Coughlin hovered near an official on the sideline, waiting for the precise moment to shout the word Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey didnt want to hear.


It was an ice-the-kicker ploy with a twist. The timeout canceled Bailey's 47-yard make that would have sent Sunday night's game into overtime and it gave Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul reason to change his rush angle on Bailey's next try.

Pierre-Paul blocked Bailey's attempt after the timeout to secure the Giants' 37-34 victory.

"I was talking to the referee the whole time,telling him when I was going to go,"’ Coughlin said.

"I knew he was going to call it," Giants defensive end Jason Tuck said. "I was right beside him. It was like Coach Coughlin had the best get-off of all get-offs because it seemed like he saw the twitch of the ball and then, 'Timeout!' It was pretty timely.’’

Eli Manning watched it unfold from the sideline after leading his team to two touchdowns in the final 3:14.

"That was good," Manning said. "It worked out very well. Good idea by Coach Coughlin, and the guys executed well in getting it blocked."


Said Giants offensive lineman David Diehl: "That's the way to do it. You wait until the kicker lines up and at the last minute, just before they snap the ball, you call a timeout. You've got to credit Coach Coughlin there for calling it that way."

Manning said the Giants were well-aware of Dallas' troubles in a similar circumstance in an overtime loss at Arizona last week.

"Obviously, everybody knows what happened last week," Manning said. "They called the timeout and they missed the second one. This one was similar, except we blocked it."