Webster says he was in right spot too

Corey Webster said he was where he was supposed to be on the Dez Bryant touchdown breakdown.

And Antrel Rolle said he was playing the defense he was asked to do on Bryant’s 50-yard waltz.

So, who was at fault for the utter breakdown?

“We gave them a specific look that we wanted to get into” defensive coordinator Perry Fewell explained. “I sent in a call, we gave them a special look. They got confused on the look. So all 11 players were responsible for this call and all 11 defenders did not execute the call.”

“We didn’t execute the call so nobody was in the right spot,” Fewell added.

On the fourth-quarter play, Bryant ran past Webster, who appeared to let him go with another receiver beneath in the flat. Rolle came up and appeared to be focused on the receiver beneath in the flat and Bryant ran past both Giants.

“I was in the right spot,” Webster said. “So [Rolle] said it, I said it. I don’t have all the answers. I try. I try to answer the questions as best as possible. Both in the right spot, Dez Bryant made a great play.”

When pressed on the issue further about how two guys could think they were in the right spot but the play end up in utter failure, Webster just smiled and remained quiet.

On Tuesday during his weekly radio interview with WFAN, Rolle took exception to NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth’s comment that Rolle was “barbecued” on the 50-yard touchdown play. Rolle explained that the play was designed to disguise a Cover 2 but play Cover 3.

“When the commentator says, ‘Oh well Antrel Rolle got burned,’ no, Antrel Rolle didn’t get burned,” Rolle said. “Antrel Rolle was exactly where he was supposed to be. Know what the hell you are talking about at the end of the day. I know what I am doing.”

“I am not going to explain exactly what happened on that play but I can say that I was in the right spot and I was exactly where I was supposed to be,” Rolle added. “No one goes without sin on our defense.”

The Giants defense has struggled this season and is ranked 30th in the NFL. Fewell has watched his defense give up four passing touchdowns in each of the last three games. There have been some mental lapses and coverage breakdowns that have resulted in some of the touchdowns. Communication has sometimes been an issue with injuries to key defensive players as well.

Fewell was asked if he could simplify the defense.

“I guess you could say yeah, you could try to simplify things but sometimes you try to get specific and you try to give some different things,” Fewell said. “The offense can confuse you at times and that is what happened [on the Bryant touchdown].”

Rolle also said he would like the opportunity to be more of a ball hawk and he challenged opposing quarterbacks to throw more at him so he will have an opportunity to make a play.

Rolle has been asked to play all over the field, sometimes closer to the line of scrimmage. But in the past two games he has played deeper in coverage more with Kenny Phillips hurt. Phillips is expected to return after missing last week with a knee injury.

“Anytime you are playing in a pass-happy league like we are playing in right now, you have an opportunity to be a ball hawk whether you are down or whether you are back [in coverage],” Fewell said. “We have been getting the ball thrown at us a lot, so he can be a ball hawk as much as he possibly can.”