Thomas back after 'scary moment'

New York Giants receiver Devin Thomas couldn't move his neck.

After making a tackle on the final play of the first half on Sunday against Washington, Thomas was lying on the field on MetLife Stadium and worried about what had just happened.

"It was one of those thoughts that I didn't know if I broke something in my neck or maybe I might have torn something in my spine, nerve damage. It's a scary moment," Thomas said on Wednesday. "Thankfully, things came back and I started getting my strength back on the field as they were taking me back in for x-rays."

Thankfully for Thomas, it turned out to just be a burner and the receiver said he is feeling good just three days after having to be taken off on a stretcher. Thomas was limited in practice on Wednesday with his neck injury.

"I'm just really blessed," Thomas said of his quick recovery.

On the final play of the first half Sunday, Thomas raced down the field to make a tackle. As he collided with Logan Paulsen, Thomas said the impact made his neck pinch to the right and sent a burn down his spine and his shoulder. He said it was the first time he had ever experienced it.

Thomas started getting his feeling back as he went to get x-rays and was back on the sideline during the second half. He said he still had some pain on Monday but had some work done by a chiropractor and a masseuse. While he was limited in practice on Wednesday, he said he went full speed and worked fast.

He's ready for Saturday's game vs. the Jets.

"I'm pretty much good. I'm focused on this game," Thomas said. "Nothing is going to keep me out of this game. It's the pivotal point of the season and it's a must-win and gotta handle business. I'm ready to go."