Coughlin: I don't want to live with 'What if?'

Cleat-gate. Bobble-gate. Knee-gate. The infamous “Tuck Rule.”

When it comes to inconclusive video replays that have gone against his team, Giants coach Tom Coughlin has seen it all in 2011.

“It’s incredible, really. I guess someone else would argue from the other side, ‘What do you mean it’s inconclusive? The information is there for us. We make the call,’ said Coughlin who has lost his last seven challenges. “But to me, standing on the field, getting information from above, is it or isn’t it? ‘I can’t see it all yet.’ All I’m doing is agreeing with you. In my opinion, which probably nobody cares about, there have been many, many circumstances this year that have been, ‘Give me something that’s solid. Will you?’ A lot of times I make a challenge simply because I don’t want to live with ‘what if?’”

Coughlin said he still hasn’t gotten further explanation on the four plays in Saturday’s win over the Jets that were overturned.

“I just think we have to look at this again. There are two or three things there -- the fumble, was the ball on the shoe of Antrel [Rolle]? Was the elbow on the shoe? It just looked difficult to overturn something like that,” Coughlin said. “The rules are exactly the way the officials are supposed to interpret them, but when a ball is taken that low after the idea that the ball was going to be released and then pulled down, that appears to me to be a little bit different story. But I had not had a chance to speak to the officials. I’m sure they will support the way that the referees judged the play and the way things are written today, it’s probably the way it should have been. It’s tough to call it that way when you’re standing on the other sideline. Those are big plays. They had had seven teams score against them on defense. It wouldn’t be anything new for us to get the ball in the end zone. That was obviously huge.”

Rolle said you definitely couldn’t tell from the naked eye if Jeremy Kerley’s elbow was down after it hit the Giants safety’s cleat before he fumbled

“I don’t think there was enough evidence to overturn it,” Rolle said. “But it could’ve gone either way. It happens.

“I think there was a lot of questionable calls in that game that didn’t go in our favor, but we weren’t gonna let it crack us.”