Madden coverboy: Cruz vs JPP

The Madden NFL Cover Vote campaign is on again and Giants fans can vote in the play-in round for which Giant they want to compete for the Madden NFL 13 cover vote.

The Giants competing are Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul. Cruz currently leads JPP with the deadline for voting on Wednesday. JPP fans have to come out in force if they want the defensive end to advance to the round of 32.

Fans can visit the SportsNation Facebook page to choose among the 64 candidates in a play-in round to advance to the official tournament or you can vote for which Giant you want by clicking on Cruz or JPP's picture above. Winners of the play-in round will be unveiled with the official seeded, 32-player bracket on March 21 on ESPN’s “Madden Cover Vote Special” from 5-6p.m. EST.

Fans can vote daily and tweet their picks using #MyMaddenCoverVote on Twitter. In addition to the SportsNation Facebook page, fans will be able to vote in the play-in round via the open Web through widgets embedded on blogs, websites and more.

But do you guys really want to see a Giant on the cover of Madden and if so, who do you want it to be?