Michael Boley has the 'Call of Duty'

There are many NFL players who are hardcore Madden video gamers. But you may not find a bigger Call of Duty fan than Giants linebacker Michael Boley.

When each new Call of Duty installment comes out Monday, the national release day for video games, he takes advantage of Tuesday by playing the entire day -- even until early Wednesday morning. Then, once he beats the campaign mode, he plays multiplayer and online nearly every day when he's home in the New York area.

Boley is such a big enthusiast of the game that Activision invited Boley to its special preview event of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II in New York City a few weeks ago. The game debuts in November.

ESPNNewYork.com sat down with Boley for a one-on-one interview about his favorite pastime off the field. Here's the conversation:

Q: What did you think of Black Ops II?

Boley: Oh man, it was good. I'm excited. I'm a gamer, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q: Have you been a Call of Duty fan for a long time?

Boley: Since Call of Duty 4 came out [in 2007], I've been playing it pretty heavily.

Q: Why are you so big into gaming?

Boley: To me, it's fun and it's a good way to relieve tension, relieve stress.

Q: How hardcore of a gamer are you?

Boley: When [the game] first comes out, I play the campaign mode and beat it and then after that, it's pretty much multiplayer from then on out. Also, I play online against random people. The night [the game] comes out on Monday, it works out because we're off on Tuesday. So I have all day Tuesday to play the game. I play in the morning, then take a nap, and then I play again at night. All night. I don't get off until sometimes early in the morning, like six, seven o'clock [on Wednesday].

Q: How does your fiance, Tanesha, feel about that?

Boley: Well, the first time I played, she didn't really know, so I told her. I was like, "Honey, I'm on campaign mode tonight. Don't wait up." So she went to bed and when she was getting ready to leave at like 7:30, 8 o'clock the next morning, I was still playing the game. I had Red Bull besides me, a bag of chips.

Q: I'm surprised she can still sleep with all the noise from the game.

Boley: Well, I was on the bottom floor; she was on our top floor.

Q: What's the bottom floor like? Do you have a game room set up?

Boley: Yeah, I have my setup. My fiance likes to call it "the dungeon." It's all gaming. I have my Xbox and PlayStation 3 down there.

Q: Anyone on the team as big of a gamer as you?

Boley: I've got seven kids, so they are. I have six and my fiance has one. The oldest is 12. Ahmad Bradshaw says he's a gamer, but I'm not really sure how much of a gamer he is. My oldest son is a big gamer. When we won the Super Bowl, the first thing he did was pop Madden in, and he wanted to play Giants vs. Patriots [laughs].

Q: So I assume you play some kids games too?

Boley: Not really. I literally have an Xbox on every floor, and I've got an Xbox in my basement and in my bedroom. I wish I had an Xbox in my locker [laughs].

Q: Do you bring a system with you on the road during the season?

Boley: Nah, I'm trying to get my rest when I go.

Q: If you were invited to be a part of a video game competition, would you do it?

Boley: If I got asked to do it, I probably would.

Q: So what were your favorite video games growing up?

Boley: I had two favorites growing up, Tecmo Bowl and Contra on Nintendo.

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