Power Rankings: No. 12 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

The New York Giants come in at No. 12 in our initial Power Rankings of 2013. They tied, actually, for 11th with the Indianapolis Colts but lost the tiebreaker because the Colts had the better record last season.

I voted the Giants No. 11, one behind the Dallas Cowboys, whom I apparently like a lot better than the rest of the panel does. (We'll see on that one. They have burned me before.) The voter who's highest on the Giants is Kevin Seifert, who ranked them 10th to start the season. Jamison Hensley and Ashley Fox each ranked them 14th, which was the lowest.

Pretty much fair enough, right? The Giants were 9-7 last season and did little to ostensibly improve, yet no one fears too low a floor with this team because it's always a contender. So if they show us reason to move them up, I imagine we will. But benefit of the doubt keeps them on the fringes of the top 10 at the beginning of the season. In the most unpredictable of leagues, "Giants probably won't stink" feels like a rare thing on which you can count.