QB Watch: Giants' Eli Manning

A weekly analysis of the New York Giants' quarterback play:

Rewind: Eli Manning would probably rather not rewind to Sunday's game, because it ended like a nightmare. Through three quarters, he was a respectable 19-for-35 for 272 yards and two touchdowns, and the Giants trailed by just one point. But in that fourth quarter, Manning was 5-for-17 for 62 yards, three interceptions and two intentional grounding penalties. Total meltdown, and one that cost the Giants the game against the Eagles. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Manning has been taking on too much of the responsibility to end the losing streak, and it appears it cracked him Sunday.

Fast-forward: The news doesn't get a lot better. After only three days off, the Giants must play Thursday night in Chicago against the Bears. The Giants lead the league with 20 turnovers. The Bears are known for forcing turnovers, and their 14 takeaways rank third in the league so far this season.

No help coming: One significant reason for Manning's struggles this season has been the lack of a reliable running game. The Giants are last in the league in rushing offense, at 56.8 yards per game. And starting running back David Wilson looks likely to miss the game with his neck injury. More pressure on Manning.

Prediction: As Clubber Lang famously said, "Prediction? Pain." The Bears are a terrible matchup for Manning and the Giants right now. They will have no choice but to throw and are almost certain to be playing from behind, which means Manning will be trying high-risk throws. His completion percentage won't drop for the fifth game in a row, and he'll throw a touchdown pass, but I'll be shocked if he doesn't throw at least two interceptions.