The next big thing: Giants

The New York Giants have a lot to do this offseason, and once free agency and the NFL draft roll around there will be time to work on the offensive line, find new receivers for Eli Manning, add a running back, etc. But this is about the very next thing on the Giants' offseason agenda, which is...

Figure out the defensive line.

The reason this is the next thing for the Giants to do is that they can make decisions at any time on their own free agents, whereas they need to wait until March 8 to sign others. So with defensive tackle Linval Joseph and defensive end Justin Tuck both hitting free agency, the Giants at this point in the offseason need to decide what they want to do about those two players. They need to figure out what it will take to sign them long-term, how that jibes with what they're willing to pay and what the backup plan is if they decide to move on from them. Tuck's likely to accept a bit of a hometown discount. Joseph's likely looking to cash in big. And with the Giants deep at defensive tackle, Tuck may turn out to be the priority. Stay tuned.