A look back: Coughlin review

Tom Coughlin was in a good mood Monday, and it's easy to see why after his team crushed the Saints, 52-27 on Sunday.

Here are some things Coughlin liked and didn't like after reviewing the game tape. And for an update on injuries, click here.

On special teams: Coughlin loved what he saw from David Wilson and the field position Wilson gave him.

"You do definitely see the incredible field position created basically by our special teams, but also by virtue of the turnovers," Coughlin said. "After kickoff return, we took the ball over at the average of the 48-yard line, which was outstanding. I don't know that I've ever benefited from that as much as we had last night. So kickoff return was blocked well, the speed, the energy, the maneuverability ... all those things were there."

On Hixon at PR: Coughlin liked what his coverage teams did on special teams. And he liked Domenik Hixon at punt returner. Hixon replaced Rueben Randle and it appears it will stay that way.

"We have to have more than one person ready for that job, but we did like what Domenik did last night," Coughlin said. "He's been in that role before. He's played very well for us in that role. He gave us a 9.5 average last night, so I'm inclined to think that we would continue, but you have to have more than one person ready."

On his defense: The defense could have played better but got the job done, creating four turnovers.

"We gave up some run yardage and we certainly gave up the big ball down the middle of the field," Coughlin said. "But we did the things we had to do basically when we had to them."

"Stevie Brown came up with some great plays," Coughlin added. "We got the ball knocked out a couple of times. Antrel [Rolle] got a ball out. We got a ball out in the middle of the field on a pass play and that really gave us a spark, and Stevie Brown's second interception came at a great time."

On the offense: Coughlin wanted to see more from the running game early on. The Giants rushed for 135 yards, but 52 came on a Wilson touchdown late.

"Because of the David Wilson runs towards the end we did get our rushing game back close to where we thought it would be," Coughlin said. "Quite frankly, it was somewhat disappointing until that point. We thought we would do a better job initially right away with rushing the ball."

"We were four for five, 80 percent, touchdowns in the green zone," he added. "Three for three in the tight green and, of course, our defense held them to two for four."

On Wilson's performance: Coughlin said the rookie did not surprise him on Sunday night.

"He's been growing and building towards this opportunity," Coughlin said. "If you watched last night and looked real close, he did a nice job picking up a weak-side safety blitz. So he did prove again that he understood the particular protection we were in and how he was to react with his responsibility and did it well. And so he's gained some valuable experience in the time that he has played and of course he gained valuable experience last night as well."

On Randle: While Hixon was injured with an ankle ailment, Randle filled in as the third wide receiver. But Hixon took over as the third receiver on Sunday.

Hixon played 43 snaps and caught a touchdown. Randle played one snap and saw no targets. Jerrel Jernigan and Ramses Barden each saw one target. Jernigan also took a short kickoff return 60 yards.

Coughlin was asked if there was a reason why Randle's playing time was reduced.

"No, we had prepared Jernigan to play back there as the off returner," Coughlin said. "And JJ obviously did an outstanding job with his own return, so that worked out pretty well."