Manning pokes at Toomer, sidesteps Vick

Eli Manning said he talked to Amani Toomer recently and got a good laugh about Toomer favoring Tony Romo over the Giants’ Super Bowl MVP.

“If you listen to every show or whatever every single person says about me or the Giants and you get defensive about it or it makes you upset, you are going to have some problems,” Manning said in a Monday appearance on WFAN radio. “You got to laugh about it.”

“I saw Toomer not too long ago,” Manning continued. “I walked up to him and said, you know what, I thought Ike Hilliard and those [other receivers] were better Giants receivers than you were. Willie Ponder was probably a better receiver than you were ... some [of the] old guys. Kind of laughed about it instead of getting upset. There’s no point. Amani is a good pal of mine and still is.”

Manning also heard Michael Vick’s recent comments about the Eagles potentially becoming a dynasty as well. But Manning didn’t reveal much about his reaction to that comment other than saying he heard it.

“Obviously, hey, we got to play football," Manning said. "I know they are a talented team. They got great players and we got some good players on our team as well.”

“We’ll see Philadelphia down the road,” Manning continued. “Right now, just getting ready for training camp and trying to get better.”

Manning said he is looking forward to helping his new rookie weapons –- running back David Wilson and wide receiver Rueben Randle – develop.

“The thing about David Wilson, he’s the fastest running back we’ve ever had,” Manning said. “This guy is quick, he’s explosive. And that’s kind of exciting. Our running backs over the years have kind of been that powerful, big guy.”

Manning said Wilson and Randle have to learn the offense, how to adjust when Manning changes plays and how to react to defenses.

“Rueben had a good spring, had a good feel for things, very smooth, catches the ball well,” Manning said. “I thought he picked up the offense pretty well for the first time hearing it.”