Bart to Prince: Get me a doughnut, rookie

Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara is lucky he doesn’t have Jets linebacker Bart Scott as a teammate.

Asked about the the hazing incident gone viral in which Amukamara got thrown into a pool full of ice water by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, Scott scoffed to ESPN New York 98.7’s Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday, “I mean, I heard about it, but come on man, at the end of the day, Amukamara is still a rookie after (seven) games. This morning he should've brought the doughnuts. Come on, man.”

Scott was more upset that the incident ended up on the Internet as a result of a tweet from punter Steve Weatherford.

“Come on, he's a rookie. He is going to get hazed. ... Steve’s my boy, but there's no reason that that should ever be aired. That's in the room, locker room stuff,” Scott said.

“Stuff (like) that goes on within the sport. Certain things other people can't understand. You can't try to explain it because you just sound stupid trying to explain it. What I am saying is that's football stuff. It happens all over. We cut a B-plus in a dude's head because he said he graded out as a B-plus. We thought he was retarded if he thought he was performing at a B-plus. He said he should be with the 1’s. He was a rookie, so we took some clippers and we cut a B-plus in his head and made him wear it.”

It was a poor decision, Scott said, because it takes the Giants away from their focus.

But that doesn’t mean the hazing should stop.

“Steve’s my man, but I’m sure he wishes he could have that back, because that team is dealing with some distractions they ... shouldn’t even have to deal with because that’s in-house stuff,” Scott said. “That should’ve been something guys should be laughing in the locker room the next day. There’s plenty of rookies that have been baptized. I’ve hog-tied guys, there’s guys that have been hung upside down from goal posts. That’s just part of football.”